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excellence is here

     The campaign for excellence is here at Porto Fino Residencial is the first action by DESCO for Prata Construtora, one of the largest and more traditional builders in the city of Bauru-SP. The campaign concept exalts the brand's sense of pride by launching a development thought of in every detail, from project conception to delivery, that is, the true value of excellence is present in each square meter of the residential and directed all actions of communication.

   As support material, actual testimonials from professionals who participated in the construction company's ambitious project were captured and all highlighted the concern and affection they had with this work:

The ideal of work carried out with excellence, more than a simple speech, has become a value shared by everyone who participated in some way in the realization of this project, and of course by everyone on the Descoberta team. The care and dedication to detail should also be reflected in the campaign's graphic materials, such as advertisements, external media, printed matter and of course also on social media:

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