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why invest and how to prosper

This type of franchise is one of the most consolidated businesses in Brazil.

The food segment includes:

• 34% of franchisors

• 30% of the number of franchised units in the country*

• The franchise sector grew 7.1 from 2017 to 2018*

• Food allowances grew 7% from 2017 to      2018*

The most conventional model is that of quick service and delivery.

Gaining prominence: kiosks, foodtrucks and other mobile units


What about microfranchises?
These are businesses with an initial investment of up to BRL 90,000 and are on the rise

The increase in microfranchises from 2017 to 2018 was 8%*

imagem franquia.png

* Data from ABF – Brazilian Franchising Association

sure bets*

0410_gtafico franquia-01.png

*According to the Franchising Portal



Bet on service:

It is necessary to train the employees and remember that the customer is king. Betting on more cashiers and ensuring that service is fast are other ways to look good among customers.

Control your expenses:

The profit margin, especially in the beginning, is not the greatest. Have spreadsheets and keep an eye on the variation each month. Do this with all accounts as well.

Training for employees:

Clarity and honesty on your part will bring your team closer together around goals and processes.

Reserve a budget for marketing:

That's how you get better known and sell more. Social networks, website, SEO, content.


Beware of missing products. Analyze your ABC curve of most common orders and keep stocks up to date.


Remember: your interest and that of the franchisor are based on growth. The communication channel needs to be open on both sides.

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